Gigantic Skill bar

The Who:

Gigantic is a fast and fluid Strategic Hero Shooter, where you battle against and alongside massive Guardians, in deeply strategic team gameplay.

The What:

Players were having difficulty keeping track of all the on-screen information and were overwhelmed by the skill upgrade trees. 

The How:

Reorganized the player information (level, skill points, xp bar, skill icons, health, and stamina) into a centralized location.


Past State of the HUD

The majority of the pertinent information was either scattered around the HUD or subtle enough to be completely missed. 


Design Exploration

I was tasked to explore were different layouts and flows that included more information for each upgrade path. The information that the Designers wanted to include were skill cooldowns, stamina, damage, range, and status effect per upgrade.


Skill Descriptions Rules

Aside from the visual layout and informational flow, the overall content and descriptions were in need of set rules. The descriptions were often verbose and suffered from inconsistency. I began taking a handful of upgrade trees and broke them down to the core changes that ended up affecting the base skills.


Status Effect & Passive Upgrade Icons

Prior to coming on board, there were a handful of status icons that were displayed in-world, however, the colors widely ranged from icon to icon. I ended up categorizing, coloring, and created new sets in order to use them in the skills descriptions. Based off the guidelines set with the status effect icons, I carried over the rules to the passive upgrade icons for overall consistency.


Launch Solution Skill Tree

Short on developer resources to accomplish the Skill Tree C design, I began assessing what I could do to improve the current upgrade tree. I implemented the skill description rules, status icons, and altered the overall sizing of the content and selection fields. I also moved all the skill tree sets to a singular position so the user would only have to focus in one general location.


Health & Stamina

In order to reduce in-game visual noise and organize all the player information into one location, I moved the health and stamina bars out of the center of the screen into the skill bar. To assist in alerting the player when they're taking damage I added a visual flash, the height of which is determined by the amount of damage taken.


XP, Level, & Upgrades